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Popular Spanish Phrases!

Find a few English to Spanish Phrases to help you in your adventure on the Riviera Maya

One of the great attributes of the Riviera Maya is the Smiling attitude of the local people. While at a restaurant, it is considered rude for the waiter to bring your check before you ask. Just say "La Cuenta Por Favor", which means "the check please", and you'll be on your way. These phrases will help you to attempt to communicate in Spanish.  They are always pleased when we "try" to speak Spanish. So are very valuable as you will see as you read them. 
Take a few moments to learn these and you will be glad you did!

English Spanish
the H is silent
Hello Hola
( ó-la )
Good morning Buenos días
( bwé-nos dí-as )
Good afternoon Buenas tardes
( bwé-nas tár-des )
Good evening before 7pm

Good evening after 7pm

Buenas tardes
( bwé-nas tár-des )

Buenas noches
( bwé-nas nó-ces )
Good night Buenas noches
( bwé-nas nó-ces )
Good bye Adiós
( a-dj
ós )
Please keep smiling until tomorrow Hasta mañana
( ás-ta ma-nyan-a )
Thank you Gracias
( grá-sjas )
You're welcome De nada
( de ná-da )
Where are you from?

¿De dónde eres?
( de dón-de é-res? )

¿De dónde es usted?
( de dón-de es us-téd? )

I need a Doctor Necesito un doctor
( ne-ce-si-to un dok-tór )

Necesito un médico
( ne-ce-si-to un mé-di-ko )
How are you? ¿Cómo está usted?(formal)
( kó-mo es-tá us-téd? )

¿Cómo estás?(familiar)
( kó-mo es-tás? )
Where is the bathroom? ¿Dónde está el baño?
( dón-de es-tá el ba-nyo? )
See you later Hasta luego
I am very sorry,
I am a Gringo
Lo siento mucho,
soy gringo
Please Por Favor
What is your name? ¿Cómo se llama?
¿Cómo te llamas?(children
My name is Me nombre es
Me llamo
Write your name Escriba su nombre (formal
Escribe tu nombre (familiar
What is the exchange rate? ¿A cómo está el dólar?
This is an emergency! ¡Es una emergencia!
Can you take me to Puede llevarme a
Do you speak English ¿Habla inglés?
I am from the United States Soy de los Estados Unidos
I invite you to have dinner Le invito a cenar.(formal
Te invito a cenar.(familiar
Allow me to introduce myself Permítame a presentarme
Please to meet you

Mucho gusto en conocerle
Mucho gusto

Have a nice day Que tenga(n) un buen día
I would like Mexican food Me gustaría comida mexicana
I would like Seafood Me gustarían mariscos
Beer Cerveza
Coca Cola Coca
Spanish corrected by Judy 1-29-2001

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